Aims and objectives

WP1 aims at reaching technical, organizational and financial achievement, setting up the decision-making structure and bodies. WP1 handles the overall legal, contractual, financial and administrative issues.

Its objectives are:

  • Ensure the technical, organizational and financial achievements;
  • Set up and run the project decision-making bodies; ensure smooth running of the project decision-making structure and to efficiently resolve any project internal conflicts;
  • Manage the communication flow within the Consortium;
  • Monitor appropriateness of work, as well as prompt achievement of project deliverables;
  • Define suitable shared procedures to facilitate financial and accounting management;
  • Provide guidance on legal and financial matters;
  • Ensure and monitor the overall consortium objective is met with high quality, on time and within budget;
  • Distribute any contribution and monitor the concerned financial flow;
  • Collect and submit project reports;
  • Handle the Consortium Agreement.



Aims and objectives

The aim of this work package is the conduct of:

  • Research on the impact of ICT technologies, social networks and media for the creation of new employability paths (market research on internet employability opportunities);
  • Social and cognitive research into the use of ICT technologies in Greece for women.and young girls in terms of employability and entrepreneurship;
  • Research on societal aspects and gender equality aspects, safety in social nets for women, empower women, e-mentoring techniques;
  • Research on possible ways for the adaptation of traditional economic practices with Internet and social media capabilities.



Aims and objectives

The objectives of this work package are:

  • to outline and analyse the new environment by highlighting in particular the use of ICT tools (internet and social media);
  • to explore and study major European initiatives and best practices to empower the role of women in ICT and for the promotion of women in digital skills;
  • to identify and study thoroughly the role of ICT in female entrepreneurship and innovation and their utilization for new forms and trends in employability paths;
  • to explore and analyse best practices and tools that could be the reason for the creation of a new coherent and timely policy dealing inside Women digital skills problem overall;
  • to undertake research on how ICT skills can encourage and promote women's employability in the development of new products and innovative services.



The objective of this work package is to ensure that throughout the project, processes, methodology and results meet high quality standards and specifications.



Aims and objectives

Its main objectives are:

  • to disseminate the project results through events, online and offline tools;
  • to involve a network of stakeholders in project activities through the creation of Multi-stakeholder groups andthe organization of Workshops;
  • to coordinate e-Women activities with other relevant projects and initiatives in the ICT sector;



Aims and objectives

The exploitation of the results of the project is of major importance as this will be determinant for the efficiency of the project at all. In other words, this project will lose its objective if its results are not exploited in the right way. To do so, a series of tools developed and used during the project lifetime will be used like the establishment of a communication flow which will outlast the project.


The need for Exploitation is motivated by the need to create a (sustainable) exploitation plan that demonstrates the viability of the results of the project. It will address both technical/social viability as well as financial sustainability, which focus on the economic aspects of the exploitation, and provides insight into the financial viability of the defined strategy, both for the consortium as well as for the partners individually.


The exploitation work package will look specifically at ways of maximising the mainstreaming and multiplication of findings, recommendations, products and results. This will be mainly achieved by the development of an exploitation plan which will guarantee maximum impact of the project activities and results. The plan will analyse the business case for developing the outcomes and products of the project in a commercially viable way, considering the needs and aspirations of each partner organisation. It will include a brief overview of the social and economic sustainability of the cooperation beyond the project life time. A good economic sustainability plan enables to coordinate efforts, track progress and focus energies on the highest priority activities. Its development includes analysis on how to organise the possible future cooperation necessary for the viability of the results over time. Moreover, it will analyse the expected social impact and economic benefits of project products, considering existing products and competition. The partnership will also identify potential target markets, alliances and business partners, exploring appropriate channels and routes to market.


The second extremely important deliverable of this work package will be the elaboration of a feasibility study undertaken by an external organization for the creation of an Innovation Center.