Research on the benefits of ICT skills on the employability and entrepreneurship of women (15/06/2016)

In January 2016, a consortium of five partners from Greece and Norway joined for the project entitled "Innovation and Employability for Women (e-women) - a collaboration for innovation and exchange of good practices", under the European Economic Area (EEA).

The project focuses on the investigation, analysis and documentation of the possibilities offered by the internet, social networks and other communication technologies to reduce labor inequalities, and promote new opportunities for entrepreneurship and employment for women of all ages.

For this purpose, the project includes a description and assessment of existing opportunities offered through online networks, tools and markets, as well as professional and educational social networking platforms and e-learning.

In addition, through scientific research will document and analyze the current use of the Internet for purposes of employment and vocational education and training, and awareness of young women in Greece on employment opportunities offered by the internet, social networks and new technology.

Main results of the project are expected to be:

• The design and preparation of training packages that meet current trends and needs.

• The organizing of webinars for upgrading the skills of women and to encourage the use of the internet and social networks in particular in terms of employability and entrepreneurship.

• The development of standards and the establishment of a research and innovation center for women.


Survey participants will receive priority access codes to online content and online courses designed to improve their necessary skills and regularly updated through the project website for the potential of ICT utilization, the reference to employment and entrepreneurship (including self-employment).



The e-Women Team